How To Organise Your Walk In Wardrobe

The spring is coming and it’s time to sort out the clothes. It’s time to start thinking about moving the big winter coats into storage and replaced with summery dresses and jackets. This is an exciting time of year as we start to see some sun and we also get to see our favourite warm-weather clothes. Ever heard of a spring clean? Well, I bet you have! If you are thinking of doing that this spring, well why not start with your walk-in wardrobe. 

Having a walk-in wardrobe is fantastic, but when one has so many clothes shoes and accessories, the space can look extremely overwhelmed and cluttered in no time making it impossible to find anything you are looking for. In this article, we will go through how to organise a walk-in wardrobe with some secret storage tips along the way. 

What You Need To Organise Your Walk-In Wardrobe:

If you are going to spend your time cleaning out your wardrobe and making everything organised, chances are you are not going to want to do this again. With this being said, it is much easier and more efficient to just do it right the first time so you don’t have to do this again. 

Here is some equipment you will need:

  1. A couple of black bags: this will be used to transport items to the designated place such as the skip or charity store. If bags aren’t your thing, then you could use boxes. 
  2. Tape measure: You don’t want to be buying organisers if they won’t fit in your space, instead it’s best to measure before you buy so do this before you start putting everything back in. 
  3. Full-length mirror: Before you decide what you are going to throw and give away, try your Ladies garments on first so you know what fits, what doesn’t as well as what looks good and what looks old and worn. 
  4. Catch-all basket: This is for anything your find in rockets, under shelves etc, this will save you time as you can put them away later.

Empty & Clean Your Wardrobe

If you are one of those types of people who don’t mind a bit of mess and just throw their garments anywhere free, then this may seem a tad redundant, but what you need to do is completely remove everything from the wardrobe. That means clothes, shoes and accessories as well as any hanger, draws and anything from the floors.

Once you have cleaned out your wardrobe, the next thing to do is give the space a disinfectant spray, a hoover, a mop and a dusting. The reason why we need to clean the space is so that you can visualise where all of your clothes are going to go. 

Purchase Wardrobe Organisers

Wardrobe organisers seem like they will take up too much space, but instead, they will enable you to fit more into that space due to them having many different segments. It is a great way to keep your wardrobe looking organised and clear. Drawer organisers are also a great help to keep everything in order so you aren’t rummaging through all your stuff. 

There are many different materials available, but the material you use will be determined by the product you will be putting in it. For example, a canvas wardrobe organiser will work great for underwear and tees whilst a canvas basket would work great for your towels or your spare duvet cover set. It will also be great if you purchase a shoe rack or wardrobe so that it fits all of your shoes in one place. Having wardrobe organisers will make your everyday living that much easier.

Declutter your wardrobe

Rather than piling everything up on your bed and then going through them, it is best to separate your clothing into categories like pants, tees, jumper etc. This makes sorting out that little bit easier as you can just go through each pile and decide what you are going to keep. The keep items can start to be placed in a pile, but maintaining the category piles. 

The clothes that you aren’t keeping should be analysed so they can be placed in the charity pile or the bin pile. A helpful tip on deciding what items to keep is to ask yourself whether you love the item, do you wear it? Does it portray the person you are now? If these answers are no, then you know what to do. 

Design Your Wardrobe How You Want It

If you have the budget to create a beautiful second room style walk-in wardrobe, go for it, but for most of us, we have to think outside the box. Understand what the best features of your walk-in wardrobe are and use them to your advantage. You may have lots of vertical space or more than one hanging rail. If you have other areas that aren’t so great such as high areas, think about how you can resolve these issues.

Organise Your Clothes, Shoes and Accessories

Now that you have designed your walk-in wardrobe with your organisers, and you have decided what clothes you are going to keep, it is now time to start putting all of your clothes away. The best way to do this is by category so that everything is together and easy to go through when you are deciding what to wear today. 

If you have anything delicate, expensive or sturdy like a coat or blazer, then it is best to hang these items to ensure they stay well kept. If you have tees and jumpers, they can be folded and put away in draws. To make your walk-in wardrobe a little more luxurious, you could add some scent boosters such as an oak ball or air fresheners so your clothes smell fresh for longer. 

Now you have a beautifully organised walk-in wardrobe that is going to improve your morning routine as well as make it a lot easier to decide your outfits for the week. If you follow these steps, you will be amazed at the outcome, so have fun and enjoy the process. 

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