9 Safe Ways To Revive Your Hair Color At-Home

Hair coloring is a tonne of fun. Unfortunately, it will only last two weeks before the bright hair fades away, leaving a dull and lifeless appearance. If you’re wondering how to refresh your hair color at home and keep it looking good for a long time, we’ve got some suggestions for you. We’ve compiled a list of techniques and tricks to keep your hair color looking as vibrant as the day you dyed it, even after weeks. Many people find that coloring their hair gives them confidence, but keeping the color is tricky.  We’ll look at the best techniques to keep your hair color longer without re-dying it with minor lifestyle and hair care routine modifications in this blog post.

How long does it take for your hair color to fade? There is no simple answer to this question because it depends entirely on the type of hair color you choose. Because semi-permanent hair color does not permanently dye your hair strands, you can expect your hair color to last for a maximum of 6 weeks if you use it. 

Permanent hair coloring can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. The length of time the hair color lasts is also determined by your hair’s texture and natural color. Regular shampoo rinse will peel away from hair color if you have porous hair strands. If you have blonde or light hair, hair dye may stain it and make it look washed out after a while.

The life span of hair color is also determined by its molecular size. Whether you have blond or dark hair, replenishing your hair color regularly prolongs the life of the dye, resulting in healthier and brighter tresses. Please find out how to prolong the life of your hair color by refreshing it at home.

Having some tips and tactics for rejuvenating your hair color is ideal for those who want faultless hair without sacrificing time or money. Do you want to know how to make your hair color shine all the time? Here are 9 safe ways to revive your hair color without having to go to the salon.

Best Ways to Revive Your Hair At Home

1. Avoid Frequent Showers

You probably didn’t realize that water is the deadliest enemy of hair color.  The chemicals in hair dye make your hair more sensitive to the properties of water. If you wash your hair frequently, your hair color may fade considerably faster than you expect. Frequent washing might cause your hair to swell, allowing the color to leak out through the hair cuticle. Wash your hair no more than once or twice a week to preserve the color for a long time.

2. Cleanse Your Hair

Today’s unclean atmosphere can cause pollution, dust, dirt, and chemicals to build upon your hair and scalp, causing your hair color to fade quickly and leaving your hair dull and insensible. Simple hair color friendly detox can be used to cleanse your hair and scalp. It helps in the removal of pollutants and hazardous residues.  Use a good cleansing shampoo or detox solution to remove scalp dirt build-up. This will help your hair colors look more shiny and brilliant.

3. Hair Gloss Treatment

Hair gloss treatment imparts shine to colored hair in a semi-permanent way.  Hair color stains your hair; however, a gloss treatment adds sheen and darkens or brightens the color.  Gloss treatment chemicals like behentrimonium chloride and amodimethicone enhance shine and smoothness to the hair. 

4. Use A Concealer

There are a variety of hair concealers on the market that can help you disguise your growing roots for special events, reducing the need to re-color your hair frequently. These concealers aren’t long-lasting and don’t include any potentially dangerous substances. They can be removed with shampoo and water.

5. Cranberry Juice Rinse

Cranberry juice rinse is a cheap, natural, and tasty approach to increasing your hair color. Try a 100 percent cranberry juice rinse at home if you’re seeking a more natural solution to refresh your colored hair. According to research, cranberry juice rinse might make your hair look shinier and brighter.

6. Take a Cup of coffee

You’re in for a treat if you’re a full-time coffee drinker.  While excessive coffee use is unhealthy for your health, you might be shocked to learn that it does wonders on your hair. Coffee wash is an excellent way to refresh the color of your hair, mainly if it is brown, without using any harmful chemicals.

7. Dye Hair with Henna

Henna hair coloring is a very natural way to cover up gray hair. Henna hair dye is a beautiful hair conditioner since it thickens and strengthens your hair strands. Henna hair coloring restores the pH of your hair and scalp to its original state. It’s a natural permanent dye that lasts for 4 to 6 weeks and keeps vibrant.

8. Color-Refreshing Mask

A color-refreshing mask is one of the most acceptable ways to maintain hair color from fading. It comes in various shades and helps restore and improve hair color.

9. Rinse With Champagne

Champagne is for light-colored hair what coffee is for brunettes. Blonde hair might benefit from a champagne rinse to bring out the golden tones. According to anecdotal evidence, a champagne rinse can also help keep frizz at bay.

What Not to Do

You may preserve the brightness of your permanent hair color by doing the following:

  • When washing your hair, always use cold water, and the color pigments wash out quickly when the hair cuticle is opened with hot water.
  • Every time you wash your hair, the vibrancy of your color fades. So, to make your color last longer, wash your hair less frequently (no more than once or twice a week).
  • Hair color will not fade as rapidly if you use a sulfate-free shampoo. Use only hair products designed for colored hair or are specially made for colored hair.
  • Heat styling is one of the simplest ways to fade hair color. Your hair will become fried and fade as a result of constant heat. As a result, only use heat styling products like straighteners and curling irons when essential, and only after putting a heat protectant on your hair.

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