3 Reasons Every Style Should Have a Few Modest Pieces

You might be wondering, why does modest clothing even matter? Why should I include a few modest pieces in each of my outfits? It is a great question! It can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Modest clothing pieces can help you look better at work, stay warmer, and can just help you feel more comfortable in general. Let’s talk a little more about why, though!

1. Better for Professional Settings

Modesty is especially important in a professional setting like the office. Wearing items that can cover cleavage, not show too much leg, and give you a comfortable amount of sleeves are all important. If you wear dresses or skirts at your office, consider getting a skirt extender. Skirt extenders fit under your clothing like a slip, but they usually have lace of extra fabric on the end so it can peek out from under your dress or skirt. This creates extra length in a subtle way! Skirt extenders can be great for church as well!

2. They can Help Keep you Warmer

Let’s face it, dressing modestly is just warmer. Covering cleavage, wearing knee-length dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts, as well as wearing sleeves covers your skin more, therefore keeping you warmer.

There are a few key items you can get to help you stay warmer and be more modest. The first is layering tees. You can layer long or short-sleeve shirts underneath your sweaters, over skirts, under cardigans, or even just under a flowy shirt. This can increase your sleeve length as well as just give you another layer for warmth. It can also make a see-through shirt solid looking. So, no one will see your underwear or too much skin!

3. It Can Smooth Out Your Look

Another thing you might not know about is the smoothing effect wearing a basic tee can have under your clothes. Have you ever put on a shirt or dress and felt like you needed some smoothing to improve the fit? If you have ever experienced this, a basic tee underneath can really help with this. It makes everything look uniform and can smooth out stubborn lines from your bra and underwear! It can also add a little sleeve under a cap sleeve or spaghetti strap dress, at the same time!

Bonus Reason:

One of the most important reasons why every style should have modest pieces is your comfort. If you are not comfortable in an outfit, you will rarely wear it, or you will not feel as good about yourself as you should! You deserve to feel confident and happy in everything you wear. Whether it is adding a layering tee, a cardigan, some tights, or even a skirt extender, modest pieces can be used to round out almost any outfit!

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