Do People Wear Fragrances To Bed?

Is it alright to apply some perfume before going to bed? The answer is: Yes! In fact, it’s fast becoming a popular bedtime routine for many. There are no rules to say when or where you should be applying fragrances. It’s all based on personal preference. Some people like to spray perfume before heading out to boost their mood and confidence. Others reserve them for special occasions like a formal dinner or wedding.

Fragrances are not just about keeping unwanted odor at bay. Studies reveal that fragrances have the power to relieve anxiety and relax your body. They can also function as excellent mood changers. Is your peaceful sleep disrupted by stress? Or perhaps the weather is making you uncomfortable. Long term effects of sleep deprivation are disastrous. Fret not! Putting on the right scent before you go to bed can improve the quality of your sleep. They can be a savior for bad sleep.

The next question you might be wondering – what fragrances should you wear to bed to get a good night’s sleep? How do you determine the right perfume scent for yourself? Well, everyone reacts to perfumes differently so some trial and error might be needed before you discover the perfect scent. If boosting sleep is your end goal, you can begin by experimenting with some of these fragrances below. A few drops of perfume can do the magic to relax your body and give you better sleep.


Certain fragrances have the ability to help your body go to sleep faster. Lavender is known for its calming properties and has been used to treat insomnia. It relieves your body and mind from stress so you can let go of anxiety and go to sleep faster. You might also be able to cut down on sleep medications. Applying some lavender fragrance or spraying them on your beddings or clothes is a good addition to your bedtime routine. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Lemons are usually associated with cleanliness and freshness. You might have come across lemon scented shampoos and shower gels that boasts of purifying and invigorating properties. Indeed, lemon scents have the ability to calm nerves. Citrus fragrances can trigger your body to release serotonin, the happiness hormone that promotes positive feelings like happiness and pleasure. You can fall asleep faster when you feel good. Furthermore, lemons can also help to treat some allergy symptoms and clear your nasal congestion. Time to get rid of that stuffy nose that has been affecting your sleep!


A sandalwood perfume can help your body feel at ease. This earthy scent has a history of around 4000 years! It’s one of the fragrances that has been used in aromatherapy since ancient times. They are widely known to be able to clear your mind and bring tranquility. They can induce calm and are likely to create a sedative effect to help you go to bed quicker.

Ylang Ylang

The Ylang Ylangscent works well to de-stress your body. It’s often used to reduce depression and alleviate anxiety. Furthermore, it can uplift moods and promote positive feelings such as cheerfulness and optimism. It also contains aphrodisiac qualities to boost libido and stimulate sensuality between couples. Spray a few drops of Ylang Ylangto get some restful sleep or when you feel like creating a romantic mood for the night.


Bergamot’s calming scent is just one of the many reasons that makes it a good sleep aid. It’s known to be able to lower stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels. It works as a good sleep enhancer to soothe your mind so you can enjoy a sweet slumber. Feel rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning!


The sweet aroma of roses can guarantee a good night’s rest. It is also effective in decreasing anxiety levels and reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Sprinkle a few drops of rose scented perfume into your bath or wear them to sleep to enjoy some of its health benefits.


Vanilla ice cream, vanilla-scented candles, vanilla body bath…you’re likely to be familiar with this widely used fragrance. But vanilla is not just about sweetness! Did you know that research suggests the sweet, light scent of vanilla can trigger happy memories? Having a positive mood before you head to bed can help you achieve better sleep. Furthermore, vanilla has the power to subdue startle reflex which means your sleep is less likely to be disrupted by sudden jerks.


Scents have the power to heal our body in various ways. Jasmine is another wonderful scent used in the beauty world. From perfumes, shampoos to cosmetics, there are endless products that contain jasmine. It’s one of the most effective scents known for reducing symptoms of depression and inducing a good night’s rest. In addition, jasmine has many other healing properties, including boosting immunity and fighting fever. They are also used to make herbal tea which is useful in fighting infections. With so many beneficial health effects, you’ll drift to sleep in no time with a few drops of jasmine scented perfume.

Your Favorite Scent

Wearing perfume to bed can improve both your emotional and physical well-being. The right scent can set off a good mood and help you unwind. On the other hand, putting on the wrong scent or something too heavy could set things off track instead. Trying out different scents for bedtime can be a fun and relaxing way to change your perspective about perfumes. They can be excellent sleeping and relaxation aids that give you that well-deserved sleep at the end of the day.

Do you have a preferred scent? If you like the sweet aroma of florals, lavender or jasmine could be good choices for your bedtime scent. Otherwise, you could always experiment with different scents to find the most suitable one. Once you have identified what works for you, spraying a few drops every night can give you good thoughts and help you snooze better!