Autumn Style Tips for Improving Your VCH Piercing Jewelry Style

Speaking of genital piercings, women cannot go wrong with VCHJ piercing, considering that it is the least painful and most stimulating type of piercing that even heals quickly. However, the quick healing procedure will completely depend on the right anatomy for the piercing.

The best thing about this kind of piercing is that there are varied jewelry styles available. Another good news is that the VCH piercing jewelry rests on the clitoris on the vagina naturally without causing any kind of discomfort.

Since it runs parallel with the natural contours of the shape of a woman’s vagina, it makes way for natural movement without any kind of binding or twisting. And the body, once it gets accustomed to the piercing, does not find it stimulating at all.

Before delving into the autumn style tips for improving VCH piercing jewelry style, it is important to understand that taking the jewelry pieces out for some time and then reinserting them, switching the pieces very often. Increasing gauge size can greatly help in regaining a new feeling every time.

Start with 12 Gauge Barbells

Generally speaking, it works best to go for the 16 gauge barbells, but it is always wise to start with the 12 gauge varieties. The gauge here is the thickness of the piece of jewelry. Remember, the smaller the gauge, the larger is the diameter.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that smaller gauges are a bit tricky to replace, mainly because the threads and the jewelry itself are very small. You can even indulge in gauging.

This process involves stretching the piercing to a larger or smaller gauge size.

Consider the Shape and the Size of the Clitoral Piercing

When choosing VCH piercing jewelry style, you need to consider the shape and the size of the piercing along with the labia and hood. The banana bell or curved barbell would be the ideal choice here and maybe the most appropriate jewelry style for the VCH.

Nevertheless, you also have the option of going for open circular barbells. The captive bead rings are also a popular option for the VCH, but only after completely healed piercing.

Other options are also available after the healing procedure, including teardrop, bead ring, barbell, and D-ring. The straight barbells would be perfect for accentuating the look and the feel of the VCH piercing.

Take the Quality of Jewelry into Consideration

Now, there is nothing more imperative than this. You will have to consider the quality of the piercing more than anything else when choosing autumn-style jewelry for the VCH piercing. In this category, stainless steel would be perfect. That’s because it will not trigger rust or nickel allergies. The stainless steel items are also easy to maintain. Simply remove them, clean them, and then put them on again.

Vch piercing


The VCH piercing accepts all kinds of jewelry styles like curved barbells, straight barbells, and hoop styles. The jewelry style you choose will completely depend on the pleasure you are seeking from it.

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