Fascinating Facts About Children’s Jewelry That Will Make You Love Them Even More

Children’s jewelry fascinates and beacons parents over every culture, and parents just can’t stay put from not buying jewelry for their little ones.

Jewelry is mostly made out of everything people found in their surroundings. Shells, beads, metal, threads, wool, corals, and even bones and teeth of animals. 

Children’s jewelry was also carved out of the same materials for ages.

In this article, we suggest some of the stimulating facts and details that will help you know why people started wearing jewelry and why they made their kids wear jewelry. 

Interesting Facts about Children’s Jewelry

Ideally, customary traditions, beliefs, and scientific reasons are three separate influences on children’s jewelry designs but more in girls and lesser in boys.

  1. Customary Traditions

Let’s see what jewelry is given to children as part of some customary tradition.

  • The Ndebele tribe of Africa, Karen, and Padaung tribes of Myanmar wear neck rings prominently. Some say the neck rings were meant for protection against tiger attacks, others claim long necks to be symbols of beauty while many feel these are marks to protect women of a tribe from being taken away by other men. The custom starts early and almost every year one brass or copper ring is added to the girl’s neck.
  • The Māori tribes wear tattoos on their faces, a special kind of tattoo, as jewelry, as part of their customary traditions.
  • The African cultures also incorporate the culture of children’s jewelry. Especially yellow and orange colored jewelry is gifted to the children as a belief that they will protect them since they are believed to represent the spirit of Orula (Orishi’s spirit).
  1. Beliefs
  • In Mexico, people gift their newborns with children jewelry like a rosary, necklace, and even guardian angel necklaces.
  • Latin Americans and Turkish cultures believe in gifting evil eye jewelry to the children for protection against evil omens.
  • Even Spanish people gift their children with asmal de Ojo that is said to ward off the evil spirits.
  • Baby piercings are also essential to the beliefs that show pierced ears will keep the bad spirits away from children.
  1. Scientific Reasons
  • Children’s jewelry made of gold and silver is mostly gifted by loved ones. Gold is known to make a strong body and silver influences the development of the mind.
  • Jewelry is born only at certain pressure points in the body and is considered to be those points whose regular stimulation does good to the body.

The necklace or stone pendant either sits on the throat (above the thyroid gland) or above the heart and helps to stimulate them.

The finger rings and the toe rings stimulate important nerves and nerve endings that work well for kids.

Children’s jewelry in the form of toe rings sits on areas where there are nerves that when properly stimulated can prevent headaches and eye pain or eye disorders.

  • The virgin ring is a tradition where a woman wears a ring on her left ring finger as long as she does not take the marriage vows. Children’s jewelry is specifically made for this occasion in Mexico known as purity balls. The ring connects to an essential nerve in the ring finger.

Which reason will you choose for your children’s jewelry? Pick anyone and go ahead, gift your little ones with ornate or simple children’s jewelry along with your heart.

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