What is color build up and should I be really bothered about it?

Hair colour that is permanent remains in the hair until it is removed or cut out.  Washing the hair over time, makes the color fade and so does the sheen and vibrancy of the colored hair. However, the pigment stays on your head. Now, you decide to color your hair again and the top of the hair shaft  becomes fuller and saturated.  Everytime you go for permanent coloring, some residue is left on your hair. With recurrent hair coloring, the color residues will also pile up on dirt and  oil, and prevent moisture and nutrients from reaching the roots of your hair. Thereby, your hair starts appearing unhealthy and brittle. Also, excessive Hair colour buildup will eventually prevent the Hair Color Process from actually serving its purpose.

Color build-up is one of the trending discussions in the hair care world.In this article, we shall focus on seven tried and tested hair colour do’s and don’t tips to avoid unnecessary color build up.

Now that you have understood why hair color buildup is indeed a serious problem, let us now see how we can address this issue in detail.

Choosing the right color: 

When you opt for permanent hair color, it is recommended to choose a color that best matches your root shade than the color at the hair ends. The color at the roots are darker than the ends. If you are someone who likes to get your hair colored for the first time, you can choose lighter shades than the darker one. Also, do your research on the brand before getting your hair colored. Once you have zeroed down on a particular brand, you should stick to it unless absolutely necessary to change it. This is because the nuances and the saturation of pigment varies with every hair color brand.

Coloring too frequently is a big no

While it could be really tempting to get your re-colored the moment you see a few greys, it is not a suggested approach. Coloring too frequently can cause unwanted color build up and overworking on hair color is an absolute NO. In scenarios of extended regrowth, you can take respite in temperoray root concealers that can mask your greys temporarily. If you decide to go to a salon, choose the root smudging process to cover your greys where the line in between the existing color and regrowth is blurred. You can also try root touch ups as a step before the whole permanent Hair colour dyeing. All these steps will significantly keep your color consumption within limit and hence prevent hair color build up.

Be gentle on your colored hair

Most permanent hair coloring products come with a sachet of deep conditioner. That’s given as overworking of hair colors can take a toll on your hair and make them dry, unhealthy, and brittle. Using color-protect conditioners can keep the moisture in your hair and keep them adequately healthy. You can also use a hair mask instead of the regular conditioner for extra nourishment of the colored hair. You can apply natural oils to your hair regularly to keep them moisturized and enriched. A few hair color products also have herbal extracts infused in them and you can consider choosing such herbal and natural based hair coloring products too. 

Use a clarifying shampoo occasionally

A clarifying shampoo can work on colour build up to some extent. While you can use this as a home remedy to get rid of hair color build up, do not over do it. Using a clarifying shampoo very frequently can remove all the natural oils from the scalp and cause irritation and falkiness. So, it is always advisable to get professional help from experts to remove the excess color build up.

Take expert help

Hair color build up on one person is not the same for the same person. So, what worked for your friend, spouse, or colleague might not work for you. In case there is a slight color build up around the frame of the face, a hair color specialist can help you get it fixed in a few simple steps. However, if the color build up is all over your head and is pretty stubborn, then the hair color expert might take a few sittings to soften the color build up and it might take hours and several appointments to reverse it completely. 

Get your basic notes from the salon

After reversing the hair color build-up from the salon, you can try a few preventive steps to keep yourself free from the build-up. Ask your stylist about the ways and areas you can retouch when the hair grows and exposes the grey areas. They can help you with a few touch-up techniques, and ways to keep your head free of color build up. You should also eliminate your urge to overdo your hair color when you see a few grey hairs. 

Never color in a hurry

One of the overlooked yet crucial Tips for hair colouring is to color when you actually have enough time and of course, patience! All you need to color your hair are – a mixing bowl, a hair dye application brush, and a few section clips. Now, wear a protective gown or wrap a dark towel around your shoulder to prevent stains on skin and dress. Now, apply the hair dye to the places where you see a good amount of grey hairs. Concentrate on the roots of the hairs across the temples as these are places that have visibly maximum grey hairs. Do not apply permanent hair colors to the ends. Instead you can run a comb to the ends for the color to spread. Doing so will give you a professional hair coloring look.

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