Wedding Jewelry Set vs Bridal Jewelry Set: Things You Need to Know

Engagements and weddings are full of romance, excitement and planning for females. The male point of view can be a bit different. This is true, some boys are happily drawn into wedding planning, but they are less in number.

When you are planning your big day, your initial step in wedding planning is choosing the classic engagement ring design. Males are a bit apprehensive about choosing the perfect engagement ring — the design that will make her say instantly “Yes”.

However, an easy fix to the confusion of selecting the right engagement ring design, the wedding band, and one that suits all, is the wedding jewelry set or bridal jewelry set.

This is the point where you and your trusted jeweler might be speaking a different terminology. In the jewelry business, a wedding set comes with an engagement ring, matching wedding band for her and a wedding band for him.

A bridal jewelry set involves an engagement ring and a matching band for the bride, leaving the groom on his own choice for his wedding band designs.

Know your design choice before you shop

Recent research shows that men are more likely than females to know exactly what they want when they go for shopping. They visit the store and simply buy it. Men are not browsers for the most part. That’s what makes wedding jewelry sets and bridal jewelry sets so attractive to many men.

Right Decision making

The chances to make an error in your engagement ring choices is very less when you pick a matching wedding set or bridal set. What type of jewelry shopping mistakes could you possibly make if you don’t?

You could mismatch jewelry proportion. 

The eye is always drawn to what we like, and your mind might be on going big size designs. That could be superb with an engagement ring design. But when it comes to the large size wedding band, it could look odd or too heavy for her finger. 

And if you pick a small size diamond engagement ring, don’t ever try to “make it up” by getting a large size wedding band. Though it is quite simpler to find low-cost wedding bands than engagement rings because they don’t need to have any diamonds in their design, remember that a large size wedding band may turn your small diamond in the engagement ring look even smaller.

You could mismatch styles.

 Some are good at separating styles. But most are not professional jewelry designers. And while some jewelry design combinations are favorable accidents, it is quite simpler when the guessing is taken out of the picture with a matching set.

You could mismatch metal types.

This is a major issue if the metals are of different strengths, where the band could harm your engagement ring metal or vice versa. For example, platinum can easily scratch your white gold metal. A smooth finish on a ring can make the finish on the band look dingy. And don’t try to match the color of band and ring made in different metal types.

You could mismatch shapes. 

If you pick a diamond shape of your choice— for example the marquise or the pear shape diamond and match it with a band that wasn’t designed for it, the gem could interfere with how the wedding band sits on a finger. Also, the wedding band itself could cause wear on the diamond shape in the engagement ring design and damage it.

Exceptional beauty with big savings

Traditions have changed and many bands are no longer plain metal design. If you prefer sparkling diamonds in her wedding band design, a wedding jewelry set or bridal jewelry set is the perfect choice.

The diamonds present in the bridal or wedding jewelry set will all be matched in perfect color combination and overall appearance. Also, any design on the wedding band will be created to enhance the design on the engagement ring and fit against the central stone.

Many matching jewelry sets comes with the overlapping designs, a new way to highlight the beautiful central diamond stone. The band is really contoured to slide under the engagement ring design, further steadying the classic ring design on her finger.

Final thoughts

Though it is quite simple to select the bridal jewelry set or wedding jewelry set of your choice in your trusted jewelry store, it would also be the perfect idea to choose customized engagement ring designs for your big day. By creating the rings as per your choice, or sharing design ideas to your jewelry designer, you can add style, uniqueness and have a more personalized set of engagement rings.

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