The Ultimate Guide To Use Olive Oil For Hair Care

Olive oil has been used for hair care for thousands of years. It is being claimed to add body, softness, resilience, and shine. The best oil for hair growth, the primary chemical elements of olive oil are palmitic acid, squalane, and oleic acid. They all have softening qualities, also known as emollients. Many conditioners, shampoos, and pomades also contain lab-made versions of emollients. 

There is less scientific evidence supporting the popularity of olive oil in hair care. But, according to some research, the impact of olive hair oil for hair growth has a significant moisturizing effect. Olive oil can add softness and strengthen the hair by entering the hair shaft and safeguarding moisture. You can end up carrying out some experiments before performing a routine that works for your hair care needs. Let us explain all about olive oil for hair growth if you have never used it earlier. 

Who can use olive oil?

Olive hair oil for hair growth may not be perfect for all kinds of hair textures and types because some hair kinds may retain oil for a longer period than others. Oil is produced by your body naturally through glands attached to the hair follicles. Added oil tends to travel faster down straight and thin hair than it does to curly or coarse hair. 

  • Thick hair: Olive oil is perfect for dry and thick hair. It is the best oil for hair growth because it can keep your hair strong and moist. Oily scalps and hair do not need the conditioning with all his oil. 
  • Processed hair: Heavily processed here like here that has been treated with bleach, perms and relaxers may benefit from additional moisture. Make sure to wait at least 72 hours after the initial olive oil treatment. If you are applying olive oil on your bleached hair, you can test with a hair strand to ensure that the oil does not leave a trace of its green color behind. 
  • Split ends: People having split ends can use olive oil because it helps smoothen the burned and broken ends of your hair. Apply the oil to the last two inches of the hair strands that are damaged. Even if you are just treating the ends of your hair, make sure to keep the rest of your hairpin up so that the olive oil does not get on your clothes. For conditioning your hair all over, the best oil for hair growth can be started at the scalp and massaged through the ends. 

Olive oil beyond conditioning

Other than conditioning your hair, you can use olive hair oil for hair growth for many other purposes. 

  • Dandruff: Olive oil is excellent in treating dandruff. There is no permanent cure for dandruff but using olive oil can reduce dandruff. Massage the oil into the dry scalp and comb out the dandruff flakes. Keep olive oil in your hair and cover it with a shower cap for additional conditioning. 
  • Lice: Olive oil is very helpful for treating lice. It can help to remove head lice but it is not more effective than any other conditioning treatments or oil. It is essential to make use of a proper comb and ensure that you get out all the live lice and the nits. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the proven benefits of using olive oil. If you have never tried olive oil as a hair care product before, just use a tablespoon of olive oil for your first treatment. The amount of olive oil you need to use is based on how deeply you want to moisturize your hair. If you are treating the entire hair, you will need at least one-fourth cup of olive oil particularly if you have thick and long hair. 

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