Perks Of Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Hair Growth

Hair refers to an essential part of our physical appearance, particularly for women. It is why whenever people experience hair fall, it loses their confidence. Therefore, we need to choose the best oil for hair growth to make sure that our hair doesn’t lose its shine. And, what can be better than ayurvedic Hair Oil! Most of us are addicted to buying artificial products that may be hard on the body and hair. This is where ayurvedic hair care products come to the rescue. 

In this article, we will tell you about the ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth treatment. After following the ayurvedic Hair care regime, you will recommend this hair treatment to everyone. 

About ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth

Ayurvedic hair oils are the primary hair growth oil that is powerful and unique with the blend of 21 onion and herbs oil. 

  • The ayurvedic Hair Oil treatment is FDA approved and free from chemicals that suit all kinds of hair. 
  • Ayurvedic Hair treatment plays an essential role in regaining the shine of your hair lost due to a busy lifestyle schedule. 
  • Ayurvedic hair formula is non-grizzy and nonsticky with 100% natural additives. 
  • Ayurvedic treatment is clinically proven for growing new hair and reducing hair fall. 
  • Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is paraben-free. No silicone formula is used in this case and it is also cruelty-free. This oil for hair growth improves hair texture making it look stronger, shinier, and fuller. 

What are the ingredients of ayurvedic oil for hair growth?

Ayurvedic oil contains the following ingredients that make it one of the best choices for healthy hair: 

  • Onion: Onion plays an important role in reducing hair fall, speeding up hair growth, and decreasing thinning hair. It keeps the scalp free from antioxidants and healthy, ensuring hair growth. Sulfur present in onion supports strong and thick hair and prevents hair loss by promoting hair growth. It promotes collagen production and promotes healthy hair and skin cell growth. 
  • Methi: Methi makes hair strong and reduces hair fall. It is one of the important elements in ayurvedic Hair Oil that controls dandruff and prevents premature greying and hair fall. 
  • Bhringraj: Bhringraj helps in maintaining the natural color of the hair. It activates the natural hair follicles which result in overall hair growth. 
  • Jatamansi: Jatamansi is present in hair oil for hair growth that promotes hair growth by relieving insomnia. It also lowers exhaustion and mental stress. 

Ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth is well suited for all kinds of hair – wavy, curly, straight, and chemically treated hair. 

How to use ayurvedic oil for hair growth?

There are many processes to use ayurvedic oil for hair growth. But, the simplest and best process is given in the pointers below: 

  • Take 3 to 5 ml of any ayurvedic hair oil on your palms and apply it to the hair roots with the help of your fingertips. 
  • Gently massage your scalp and work from root to tips of the entire hair.
  • Keep it overnight and wash it off with any onion shampoo in the morning. 

The texture of ayurvedic oil for hair growth is lightweight as well as non-sticky. It is generally onion pink to brown in color and is not too viscous. You can easily wash it off with shampoo after you keep it overnight. 

Wrapping Up

Ayurvedic Hair treatment comes with lots of benefits that we have already mentioned above. Read the article to know the benefits of ayurvedic Hair treatment and choose the best oil for hair growth by adding it to your regular Hair care regime. 

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