How to shape your eyebrows at home

Eyebrows are commonly related to the personality of a person. For instance, people with straight eyebrows are considered rational thinkers, those with rounded eyebrows are considered kind, triangular eyebrows suggest that the person is dynamic, thick eyebrows reveal a person’s confidence and thin eyebrows are testimonials to a person’s delicate nature. While these folklores need not be true, your face definitely looks better and brighter when the eyebrows are groomed.If you want to shape your eyebrows, first you have eyelashes. Eyelash & Brow Volumizing Serum makes you Stronger and thicker lashes and brows.

In this article let’s get some insight on how best to shape your eyebrows at home –

Choose a well lit corner for the eyebrow shaping ritual

Getting the eyebrows perfectly shaped requires lots of attention to detail and patience. Hence,  a naturally lit bright place gives you the perfect environment to focus on every single strand of your brows. A decently sized mirror can go a long way in helping you during the brow shaping regimen.

Choose the brow shaping method that you like to adopt

There are so many ways to shape your eyebrows at home. Here, we list you the three most common and most effective ways to get the eyebrows beautifully shaped by yourself right at the comfort of your home.The eyebrow and eyelashes growth make shaping your eyebrows method that you can like to adopt


This is the most common way people choose to get their eyebrows shaped. All you need is just an Eyebrow Threading Thread and the magic of your finger. The Threading Thread is carefully run through the index and thumb fingers of both the fingers to mimic a scissor. On skillfully moving the thread, you will be able to pull out the hairs. It takes a lot of practice to get used to the skill of threading but once you get the knack, everything else falls in place. You will be able to clear all the stray hair around the eyebrows, give the eyebrows the shape you desire, and even keep the forehead region hair free. Threading your eyebrows is indeed time consuming but the results are truly rewarding. The major setback of this method is that there is a possibility of you pulling a good chunk of hair in the eyebrow when you rush or miss attention. So, if you decide to thread your eyebrows at home, ensure that you have the needed patience and time required for the task.


The easiest of all eyebrow shaping techniques is tweezing. For this method, you will need a tweezer and a scissor. Tweezer is a special cosmetic tool that helps you pluck out the eyebrow hairs easily. Before tweezing, draw an eyebrow shape with a brow pencil. Then, pluck out all the hairs that are outside the marked boundary by pulling them right from the root. Do it cautiously so that the roots are pulled out completely and you don’t end up with broken brow hairs. While the procedure is fairly simple and straightforward, the pain during the process makes tweezing a not-so-comfortable option.

Eyebrow waxing

Waxing your eyebrows is one of the fastest ways to shape your eyebrows at home. You will need wax, dusting powder, and a lotion to wax your eyebrows at home. Before starting eyebrow waxing, make your skin around the eyebrow region well moistened with a cream or lotion and then pat some talcum powder over it. This ensures that the wax used to remove the unwanted hair comes off easily and does not cause much pain. Rest the procedure for waxing is the same as other parts of the body. As the skin on the face is sensitive, keep repeating the procedure in small portions to avoid redness. 

Tips and tricks to get your eyebrows shaped like a pro

While shaping your eyebrows all by yourself is indeed a herculean task, here are few things that can help you get the knack.

  • Do a small part of the eyebrow shaping on one side and then do the similar portion on the other side. Doing so ensures that your eyebrows look symmetrical.
  • Make a temporary, triangle brow map by marking the starting point, the place where you want the eyebrow to arch, and the tail. Remove all the hair that is outside the map.This will ensure that you remove only the unwanted stray hairs that lie outside the map.
  • If you decide to thread your eyebrow shape , choose an antiseptic threading thread.
  • If you choose to wax your eyebrows, heat the wax to a maximum of 37 degrees celsius only. Anything beyond it can cause burns.
  • While tweezing the brows, ensure that the tweezer is hygienic and rust-free.

After you are done with the eyebrow shaping process, always apply a cold compress of the areas around the eyebrows or gently massage with an aloe gel. Doing so soothes the irritated skin and is totally rejuvenating. More info about Eyelash serum visit Lustrous Lashes.

We hope this article explained the various methods of getting your eyebrows shaped at home, the benefits of each of them, the materials that you will need, and some tried and tested tips and tricks you can include in your eyebrow shaping ritual. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get started and enjoy a well-defined brow line.

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